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Bassam Mallick Transformation is your go-to-destination for all your fitness and nutrition needs. It is the most result-driven and exclusive private personal training program that helps you achieve a fit body and mind. We provide personalized diet plan and customized home workout plans according to your fitness goals.
Backed by degrees in Sports Science and Human Biology, Metabolic Precision Nutrition, Pilates, Rehab, Master Trainer Qualifications, Sports Trainer Certificates and too many other courses to remember, a combined 15 years of solid “in the trenches” experience in many different settings within this great health industry, Bassam Mallick Transformation team guarantee that you will get results.
Get into the best shape of your life with well experienced best online body transformation fitness coach and online nutritionist who will individually help you in fat loss, muscle building, full-body toning, health improvement, lifestyle changes, strength and endurance building.

Body transformation requires two things only: understanding of the quantitative steps and a strong will.

What is Body Transformation?

Body transformation is a fitness program that trains people to change their body. The program contains personalized diet plans, custom workout that you can do at home or in the gym, supplements and coaching to help you on your journey of getting fit. Imagine it’s like training for a sport where the coach tells you the best way to do things in order to improve your game. It has information about how to exercise, what to eat, and how to maintain your mental health for a healthy lifestyle.

Why Do You Need Body Transformation?

You need to go for a Body Transformation if:

  1. You are struggling with your increasing weight on a daily basis.
  2. You are struggling with the stable weight not going down even with dieting and exercise.
  3. You are someone who is super thin and under weight and longs to gain lean muscle and weight.
  4. You are suffering with some medical condition and want to Improve your health with Naturopathy.
  5. An important wedding is just round the corner and you need to shed those extra kilos.
  6. You are looking for bodybuilding contest prep coaching and full supplements guide?

Benefits of Online Body Transformation

  • Online body transformations are not only convenient, they are often the only way certain people can access personal training or fitness guidance.
  • It allows people to closely monitor their own progress over time, providing motivation to continue exercising.
  • The biggest pro of online fitness coaching is the cost. It won’t drain the wallet nearly as much as an in-person trainer and therefore makes personal training accessible to more people.
  • An online coach can provide a great option for accountability and guidance. If you’re used to working out on your own but need help formulating a workout regimen, having a coach to support you with your diet plans and report to weekly or bi-weekly can help you get, and stay on, the track to reach your goals.
  • Online training is also more flexible. If you can’t make it to the gym during normal hours or on a consistent schedule, or want the option to work out at home, a virtual fitness coach and plan may be for you. Plus, if you’re dying to work with a trainer who lives in another part of the world, online coaching can make that possible.

Body Transformation Process

The body transformation process is a recipe with two distinct parts. The first part of the process is to change one’s diet. The second part of the process is to exercise regularly.


Bassam Mallick Transformation Program Offers:

  1. A welcome pack, including a calorie counter, physical activity awareness questionnaire, and a guide to calculate macronutrient ranges.
  2. One 15-minute FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Meet consultation.
  3. A bespoke training plan using equipment a person has available.
  4. Video demonstrations of exercises
  5. Bi-Weekly follow-up with a dedicated coach.

Expert Coaching

We use our specialized weight training and sculpting techniques focused on the parts of your body you select to achieve this specific appearance. If you’re hoping to lose fat and gain lean muscle you are guaranteed to obtain your goal.

Our one-to-one online personal training program is a custom workout for an individual that is tailored to their needs and goals. Our trainers will offer mental support, encouragement, and reassurance to you as you progress through a fat loss or fitness program. We will make sure the workouts fit the clients’ goals and level of fitness.

Progress Tracking

Your nutrition will be monitored continuously and you will receive feedback with major and micro adaptions to maximize the speed of your transformation. Your progress will be assessed using specific measurements, which will then provide feedback on your state of fitness. These measurements include information on physical activity, body mass index, body fat percentage, waist circumference, blood pressure, weight, resting heart rate, and steps per day.

One of the most important aspects to body transformation is measuring progress. For this, you need to send your statistics bi-weekly to your coach. He/She might ask you how well you followed the program during the those 2 weeks. You need to send your picture to measure the changes in your waist size every month. This provides a visual representation of the change that occurs over time. With these pictures, it can be easier to see that you are becoming more toned and looking like you’re in the right track in your Body Transformation Journey.

We believe in positivity and want you to feel amazing about your training, your body and your life. At the same time you need to know that this is NOT just like any other personal training. We will provide you with support, motivation, guidance, we will be your friend and we will keep you accountable to your goals. We are your guarantee!

Bassam Mallick Transformation guarantees our coaches can offer you with highest level of service, as they have real world experience with both transforming theirs and other peoples’ bodies. Whether you are hoping to only reach your personal goals or endeavor to easily surpass them, Bassam Mallick Transformation is definitely the place to go.

Why we are the best in body transformation?

1. Our program is planned and designed by the most qualified trainer – Your fitness plan will be designed by Bassam Mallick, who is one of the most qualified and experienced online fitness trainers in the industry today. He is among the very few fitness professionals in India who have earned highest level certification.
2. Clients train under direct supervision of fitness expert – Fitness Expert Bassam Mallick himself supervise clients in executing the fitness plan so that they implement it correctly and get the results. On the contrary, other online fitness training programs generally put you under any ordinary trainer who is not the domain expert.
3. No unnatural method is recommended for transforming body – We don’t recommend any unnatural method generally used in the fitness industry for transforming bodies. Our Diet Plan is purely built from the healthy food items which we consume in our daily life, therefore you can follow it comfortably and remain healthy.

As You Go Through the Transformation Process You’ll See Your Body:

  • Rebuild itself into the new you, that you’ve always wanted to see in the mirror.
  • Finally, be able to wear the latest, hot fashions and look amazing in them.
  • Build the muscle that will explode your self-confidence and give you back the pride in your look you know you really want.
  • Get the heads turning your way, instead of looking away.

The End Result

After completing our Body Transformation Program, you not only achieve the desired results but also get takeaway knowledge. It will always be with you for the lifetime and you become self-dependent to take your fitness journey forward.

You will learn the Most effective ways of doing exercises to get faster results, make right food choices for increasing performance and you will know which supplements to take. We have helped thousands of the people in reaching their fitness goals through our research-based workout and nutrition plans. Whatever is your fitness goal – lose extra pounds, build muscle & strength, get a lean body, run a marathon or become healthy and fit! Our Coaches at Bassam Mallick Transformation will help you in achieving it.

Are You Ready To See A New You?

When you look in the mirror your hair is messy, you're wearing an old t-shirt and sweatpants, and it looks like you haven't been to the gym in a while. You're not feeling very confident. Now imagine a new you. You've got in the perfect shape and are feeling healthy, your hair is styled neatly, you're wearing a crisp button-up shirt with jeans trousers and sneakers--you feel great!