Lying Biceps Curl With Resistance Bands (Arms Down)

Exercise / Biceps


Lying bicep curl is the best biceps exercise to build your biceps and is the first exercise that people do to target the biceps muscle group. If you have back trouble or back pain and you don’t want to compress your spine this is a great way of working those muscles without messing with your back.


How to perform the exercise


  • Anchor: Attach the Resistance Toning tube with handles or Resistance band(s) against the door with the door anchor at the bottom.
  • Bands: If you use Toning Resistance Tube with handles : Grip the Tube with the handle with both hands, anchor the tube using your feet, your fingers should be inside the handles, thumb on the outside. If you use resistance Tube: Attach handle to each end of the band.

Body Position:

  • Grip the handle of the resistance tube in each hand
  • Lay on your back with keeping your feet  1 to 2 steps or 2 feet away from the door.
  • Keep your knees up and feet on the floor.
  • Starting with your arms straight, hold tight to your body with palms facing towards up.


  • Pull the handles and contract your arms till hands are reaches over your chest, while eccentric control the band(s) at an optimum speed till it arms are in one straight line but do not touch your hand to the floor.

Exercise Tips

  • Concentric : Keep your upper arms down against the floor during the entire movement.
  • Eccentric : Bring back your arms in one straight line but do not touch your wrist side to the floor.

Exercise Benefits

Lying Biceps curls with resistance band will guide you isolate the biceps at the same time prevent you from cheating since your back is flat against the floor and it will be harder to create momentum. It’s safer since the Line of movement is a controlled to the line of resistance unlike using free weights. This combination makes for an awesome exercise for upper arm development. It is also a great for individuals who have spine issues since it does not create Spinal Compression.