Seated High Row With Resistance Bands

Exercise / Posterior Deltoid


The seated high row with resistance bands is a great exercise for strengthening the lower back, and also improves posture. This exercise is good for people with lower back pain, and can help relieve back pain. It is recommended for people who need to strengthen their lower back and core to prevent injury in these areas. It is also a great exercise for people who sit in front of a computer for hours and need to strengthen their lower back and core. It can be performed both in a seated and standing position.


How to perform the exercise


  • Anchor: Not required.
  • Bands: Attach each end of the band to a handle.

Body Position:

  • Grasp a handle in each hand and sit 3 to 4 feet away from the door with your back to it.
  • Sit with your back straight, chest upright, and head straight on the floor.
  • Place your palms down and your arms straight out in front of you (parallel to the floor).


  • Pull your elbows in line with your shoulders by pulling straight back. Return to your original position. Repeat.

Exercise Tips

  • Hold the handle lightly and maintain your upper arms and forearms parallel to the floor as you pull.
  • Make sure your upper and lower arms are at a 90-degree angle at the end of the rep (movement).

Exercise Benefits

The Seated High Row With Resistance Bands is an excellent workout for isolating and strengthening the posterior deltoids (Rear Shoulder Muscles). Many people prefer this exercise to Standing High Rows because the body is stabilised in a seated position, preventing the utilisation of other muscles to aid in the activity.