Squatted Back Row With Resistance Bands

Exercise / Erector Spinae, Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius


Squatted Back Row With Resistance Bands is a full body workout that works your legs, glutes and back. The squat is also a functional exercise that mimics everyday movements and activities like picking up and carrying heavy objects and even sitting. This exercise strengthens your upper back muscles, while improving your posture. Here are some of the main benefits of doing this exercise:
– Improves your posture
– Strengthens your upper back muscles
– Improves your balance
– Allows you to lift more weight with your back
– Improves your endurance
– Strengthens your abdominal muscles
– Helps relieve back pain


Type : Compound, Isolateral

Joint Action : Shoulder Extension, Elbow Flexion, Scapulae retraction

How to perform the exercise


  • Anchor: With the door anchor at the top of the door, secure the band(s) to the door.
  • Bands: Attach both ends of the band to two individual handles, and grip the handle with both hands.

Body Position:

  • Grip tight on the dumbbells close to your body. Keep back straight, pull up your chest and push your hips back.
  • Right leg should form a 90 degree angle between the shin and calf.
  • Start with your feet hip width apart, with the legs about 3-5 feet apart on the first step, this is your position, with right leg which is your leading leg forward as lunges which will lead.
  • Be sure to have the core contracted and the pelvis facing forward.
  • The toes should both be pointing forwards, making sure to not allow the back hip to turn outwards.


  • Align the Torso and step forward on your leading leg. With the torso vertical, flex your knees and lower your hips downwards into the lunge squat, ending with the back knee bent as it about to touch the floor. Make sure that the back heel should lift.
  • The balance should not shift forwards or backwards, maintain stability in between both feet.
  • Downward movement should be under control.
  • Contract, while the majority of the load should be into the lead leg and then get up with you non leading leg without touching/resting on the floor and then step forward like a walk and continue the other side like previous step.

Exercise Tips

  • Hold the handles with a firm grip.
  • Pull the handles back while squeezing your shoulder blades together.
  • Keep your arms tight against your body.

Exercise Benefits

The Squatted Back Row With Bands targets both sides of your back. The Latissimus Muscles are exercised here (Back width). The squatting position is ideal because it lowers your centre of gravity, allowing usage of more resistance without losing balance.