Standing One Arm Preacher Curl (Anchor) With Bands

Exercise / Biceps


A Standing One Arm Preacher Curl with Bands (or Standing One Arm Preacher Curl) is a strength training exercise that has been around for ages. It primarily targets the biceps but is also a full body movement. A preacher curl uses a weight stack to do the resistance training, so in order to get the full benefit of the exercise, you should also include bands (preferably elastic) in the equation. This is a great move if you want to add muscle to your biceps. Everyone should do this exercise but few know how to do them properly. It’s also one of the most effective exercise for building muscle and, if performed properly, it will not wreck your back.


How to perform the exercise


  • Anchor: Lock the band(s) to the door with the door anchor at the bottom of the door.
  • Bands: If you use Toning Resistance Tube with handles : Grip the Tube with the handle with one hand, hold the other end with your feet, your fingers should be inside the handles, thumb on the outside. If you use resistance Tube: Attach handle to each end of the band and grip the loop with one hand.

Body Position:

  • Stand comfortable distance away from the door, facing the door.
  • Stand straight keeping your back straight, head straight, core tight and chest up.
  • Start with your active arm straight, pointed towards the door anchor with palm up.
  • Place your inactive arm across your body with the back of your inactive hand behind the upper arm of your active arm.


  • Pull the handle up and down, bend your arm until your hand reaches chest height.

Exercise Tips

  • Keeping in mind that you are keep distance enough from the door so that you get good resistance is starting to stretch at the beginning of the movement.
  • Keep your upper arm or elbow pointed towards the door anchor throughout the movement.. Make sure that you are far enough away from the door so that the elastic is starting to stretch at the beginning of the move

Exercise Benefits

The preacher curl, named so because of the angled bench on which it is done, in this exercise we will use our inactive hand as bench to replicate the same workout, it is a is a common gym-exercise used for strengthening the biceps. Unlike most bicep curls, the preacher curl is done with lighter weights so that you can perform the movements through a larger range of motion in a controlled way. When performed alongside the standard curl, it helps in increasing the strength and size of your biceps. It allows you to work on perfecting the form and helps build a strong mind-muscle connection so that you can activate a muscle mentally. Since your active Arm is stabilized, the isolation of the muscle is incredible.