One Arm Preacher Curls With Resistance Bands

Exercise / Biceps


One-arm preacher curls is a great exercise for strengthening your biceps. While they may seem simple, preacher curls have a wide array of benefits that can help tone your arms, improve your grip, and increase muscle mass in your arms. These benefits include: Tone your biceps, Strengthen your grip, Increase your muscle mass, Improve your posture, Improve your range of motion and Increase your overall strength.


How to perform the exercise


  • Anchor: Not required.
  • Bands: Wrap one end around your foot. Attach the other end to the handle. Grip the handle.

Body Position:

  • Maintain a flat back, a straight head, and a straight chest.
  • Your non-active arm should be crossed across your torso, with the back of it stabilising your active elbow.
  • Your palm facing front, your active arm should be almost completely straight with a slight bend.


  • Pull the handles up, bending your arms until your hands are at chest level.

Exercise Tips

  • Make sure to get full range of motion throughout the movement.

Exercise Benefits

The One Arm Preacher Curl with Resistance Bands is one of the most effective exercises for increasing biceps strength and growth. The isolation of the muscle is fantastic since your active Arm is stabilised. Best of all, there is no need for an anchor point, you can perform this exercise anywhere.