Standing Hip Extension With Resistance Bands

Exercise / Glutes, Obliques


Standing Hip Extension with Resistance Bands is the latest in our series of free hip extension workouts. This is a popular hip extension exercise that is known to increase the production of testosterone, which is known as a fat burning hormone. Standing Hip Extension With Resistance Bands is performed by stretching the hamstring muscles on either side of the hip while having a band placed around the lower leg to provide resistance in the form of tension created by the band. This workout is designed to stretch and strengthen your hips, and reduce the risk of injury and muscle imbalances.

Steps to perform the exercise


  • Anchor: Attach the anchor to the door at the bottom.
  • Bands: Attach a ankle strap to the resistance band.

Body Position:

  • Secure the ankle strap around the active leg’s ankle.
  • Stand 3 to 4 feet away from the door, facing it, with both legs side by side.
  • Place a chair beside you for balance if necessary.
  • Maintain a straight back, a level head, and a taut stomach.


  • Push your leg back, tighten your buttocks/butt/glutes, while keeping your active leg straight.

Exercise Tips

  • Push your active leg back from your heel.

Exercise Benefits

Standing Hip Extension With Resistance Bands helps in strengthening the muscles of your glutes, thighs and the lower part of your body. The workout for the glute muscles is designed to work the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius muscle. It is a very good workout for the lower legs, thighs, hips and buttocks. Apart from strengthening your glutes, it also improves the flexibility of your spine.