Benefits of Quitting Sugar

Benefits of Quitting Sugar

What Happens When We Quit Sugar for 15 Days

Sugar is more than just sweet and tasty. It is highly addictive, and may even contribute to the onset of anxiety. We all know that sugar, as well as many other carbs, can cause a sugar high and then a crash that leads people to reach for more sugar and carbs to avoid the unpleasant feelings.

So the question is what would actually happen to your body if you really gave up sugar completely, for 15days? Sugar can seriously affect your health in terms of weight gain, sharp mood swings and addiction. What will happen to our heart, brain and skin, if you quit sugar for at least 15 days? Well, the changes are going to be Incredible. In this article we are going to see how you feel when you stop sugar. Let’s take a look at that.

1. Craving for sugar will disappear

Why does it happen? Every time you eat sugar, natual hormones flow into your circulation, causing your blood sugar to fall. So by avoiding sugar, you remove the sugar craving. You will overcome a serious addiction. Studies show that sugar is actually more addictive than cocaine.

2. You will feel less hunger or tend to eat less, hence fat loss

With too much sugar, your metabolism remains consistently high, so you eat all the time. As soon as you quit taking in sugar, you become less hungry. The main reason is because you have stabilized and thickened your bloodstream, so your body cells will finally get the food they need. The reason is because you are dependent on sugar as a person, and since sugar is damaging to your wellbeing, your body begins to function unfavorably once you begin eating lots of sugar. This is insulin resistance.

Because insulin is responsible for regulating the level of sugar in the cells, the body is trying to prevent that from happening. The human body is very smart, it knows what is good and bad for our system so it considers as a bad thing. So when you give it up, this thing could reverse. And not only can you absorb proper amounts of fuel, your cells will absorb nutrients a lot better too because insulin resistance also blocks phytonutrients, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and that’s one of the jobs of insulin.

In this process, you will also lose weight fast. When you eat sugar you are very likely to overeat. The pancreas is forced to produce more insulin, don’t let this sugar fool you.

3. Get rid of excess water retention

You will start losing a lot of water and fat. For the first few days you are going to lose a lot of water and some fat, but after that the quantity of body fat you will lose will gradually increase. Soon you are going to discover that your water weight has dropped substantially. You will see your waist line getting slimmer. Your hipsection area is one of the best sign  to tell if you’re doing too much sugar. If you lower your sugar intake, the stomach will become smaller. But if you eat sugar it will grow.

4. Increase Brainpower

Studies have shown that sugar hinders activities such as learning and memorizing things. Quitting Sugar will increase your brain activity and you will start growing new brain cells.

Why? Because when you reduce sugar, you run your body in a different source of fuel, called ketones. As a side note body doesn’t need to be in ketosis to genereate ketones. Ketones support the growth of nerve cells. Less sugar means more knowledge.

5. You will feel more Energetic

You’ll usually experience better stamina and mood after eating a meal. When eating sugar regularly, you will likely be tired after you eat, that is a temporary blood sugar elevation. Eating too much sugar makes the brain tired. If you stop eating sugar, you will no longer feel tired after you eat as you’ll be getting continuous supply of fat fuel when you are in correct nutrition.

6. You will get good sleep

You’ll finally get a good sleep. After giving up sugar, you will be very active throughout the day and ready to sleep when the bed time comes. Your day/night cycle will be more naturally balanced.

7. Get Good Skin

When you eat sugar, your insulin goes up. The hormone androgen will increase in females, which will result in acne. Sugar contributes to inflammation and inflammation is a proven cause of acne. When you stop eating sugar, your acne will diminish. Your face will start to glow and your skin will look younger.

In males, the higher insulin will lead to lowered testosterone, and so you’ll have other issues related to decreased testosterone, such as muscle mass loss, male osteoporosis, hair loss, impotency, erectile dysfunction and so on.

8. Positive mood

With Correct Nutrition, instead of being easily irritated like before, you’ll now be more peaceful and serene, and you may feel more relaxed. ADHD problems will also lessen and your brain function will improve. You’ll be able to focus on your job and projects more easily.

So, when you’re done with your diet, change you’ll feel much better. Studies found that people who eat very little sugar or none at all are rarely diagnosed with depression. The world around you will change when you change your diet habits.

9. No Risk of Alzheimer’s

You will be less likely to have Alzheimer’s disease. There’s a chemical in your brain known as BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor), which helps the brain to form connections and make new memories. Drop in the factor has been linked to eating an excessive amount of sugar.

10. More Pleasant Breath

Your mouth will smell better. Sugar doesn’t just cause gum disease and cavities but also provides a source of food for bacteria. In these conditions they reproduce more quickly which results in a terrible breath which is called Halitosis. The bacteria that naturally exist in our mouth feed on sugars turning sweet treats into sour smells. So better don’t disappoint your partner.

11. No Diabetes or can Reverse Diabetes

You can save yourself from diabetes. When you eat too much Sugar. High insulin resistance develops it means that sugar can’t get into your cells and can get stuck in the bloodstream this leads to a pre-diabetes condition and finally to the real disease.

12. Reduced risk of Heart Attack

This is what actually happens over these 15 days when you stop consuming sugar totally. You’re getting less inflammation in your blood vessels. This will help you avoid a clot or pileup and reduce the risk of a stroke and a heart attack in the long-run. So your heart will thank you. People who eat too much sugar have a much higher risk of having a heart attack.

Sugar triggers coronary artery disease. Because  giving  up sugar will lead to the decrease of insulin level and drop of the average heart rate ,your blood pressure will also decrease, right? Is this making sense? which means that your heart and your vessels will have less work to do. So, such conditions as stroke or artery disease will become less likely.

13. Repair liver by using existing fat

Sugar initiates nonalcoholic fatty liver disease before it develops into cirrhosis. When you stop eating sugar for 15 days, the liver will clear away some of its accumulated fat, which it will then transform into energy. As a result, you’re removing damaging toxins and fat from the liver and restoring its clean condition. By doing this, you will, in turn, reduce the fat inside your liver.

14. Better kidney function

You will have improved kidney function. If you experience metabolic syndrome, your kidney can be challenging to manage. When you cut back on the amount of sugar in your diet and cut back on the carbs, your kidney will work much better.

15. Reduced Inflammation

Sugar is what is causing your inflammation. Once you stop eating sugar, you will have lesser stiffness. As a result of that, you’ll have lesser inflammation. Means less joint pain.

Effects of Quitting Sugar:

So what’s happening is we are shifting our source of energy from sugar to fat fuel. It takes around 4-5 days to get rid of the symptoms once you cut down on sugar. So cutting down on sugar, you may have some compounding symptoms for about 4-5 days? That’s totally fine you can manage that, because the outcome will be really good.

Some might not get symptoms at all, I suggest you take potassium citrate and vitamin B12.

In these particular time you are

a) Transferring from glucose source to fat source.

b) Build new enzymes.

c) Get rid of dead cells.

d) Feel better, function better, and perform better.

e) Be more productive.

f) Build new brain cells and growth hormones.

g) Notice incredible changes.

You will notice incredible changes in your body, feel better, function better, perform better and be more productive within just 15 days.

Suggested Supplements: (For Indian Viewers)

Potassium Citrate:

Vitamin B Complex:

Vitamin B12:

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