Back Up

Workout / At Home, Hypertrophy, Strength / Advanced Level, Intermediate Level / 45 Minutes

The back muscles are located in the upper and lower back, each side of the spine. A weak back means that the back muscles are not able to keep the spine erect. The body’s natural way to compensate for this is to lean forward, which makes it hard for people with a weak back to perform activities such as lifting heavy objects, squatting down, or getting up from a chair.

Many individuals, including athletes, can get great results from performing back workouts at home. Many people are unable to find the time or means to head to the gym consistently and do not want to go through traffic just for their back workout. Using a resiatance bands, individuals can perform exercises such as rows, lat pulldowns, and chest supported rows without any equipment. These exercises are very helpful for Individuals who struggle with lifting heavier weights.

Back Up Workout starts with 3 sets of Bent Over Back Row With Resistance Bands Exercise, followed by 3 sets of Wide Grip Lat Pull Down With Resistance Bands and 3 sets of  Kneeling Back Row With Resistance Bands Exercise. Next up is 3 sets of One Arm Bent Over Row With Resistance Bands. The workout ends with Seated Back Row With Resistance Bands (High) Exercise.

Follow these exercises to train the upper and lower back muscle. They strengthen the muscles in your lower back which can help with posture and relieve some of the stress on your spine. Another benefit is that they target the smaller muscles at the front of your upper body like your chest, arms, and shoulders which helps to maintain balance between opposing muscle groups.

These exercises can be done at home with minimal equipment; however, it does require at least 45 minutes of uninterrupted time.