Shoulders & Arms Workout

Workout / Strength / Beginner Level / 45 Minutes

Shoulders and arms workout routine that includes exercises for both men and women. Get a bigger, stronger, more aesthetic physique with this workout routine. The Shoulders and Arms Workout is a bodyweight circuit that engages the muscles of the shoulders and arms. The workout starts with 3 sets of Anchor Overhead Shoulder Press With Resistance Bands, followed by 2 sets of Standing Shoulder Press With Resistance Bands. Next up are 3 sets of Standing Front Shoulder Raise With Resistance Bands and then it’s time for 3 sets of Lying Front Shoulder Raise With Resistance Bands.

Follow these exercises to train the major muscle groups of the shoulders, arms, and back and get amazing benefits like:

– Reduced risk of shoulder injuries.
– Improved posture.
– Reduced tension in the neck and back.
– Increased blood circulation in the upper body which brings oxygen and nutrients to the brain, brain cells get more energy so there is improved mental clarity.

These exercises can be done at home with minimal equipment; however, it does require at least 45 minutes of uninterrupted time.